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Our mission is to share knowledge and raise awareness on the use of dogs in ecology and conservation

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The Ecology Detection Dogs in Britain and Ireland Working Group is an open and collaborative group that aims to promote the development of evidence-based standards, create a culture of responsible dog use, encourage collaboration and involvement of key partners and organisations, and support an accreditation process for ecology dogs and handlers. 


Detection dogs can be a valuable tool in ecological surveying and other conservation applications

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We are a diverse group of members from all sectors relating to detection dogs and our current membership includes dog and handler trainers, ecologists, academics, NGO's and representatives from Statutory Nature Conservation Organisations. We meet approximately four times a year via conference call. We welcome new members. Please contact us through the contact form if you would like to join!

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Geckoella is pleased to support the working group, as part of their ongoing commitment to innovation and best practice.

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